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(Observed Date) FEDRS Ice Cool 8 Frosty Grape Strong

Fedrs8 Fedrs

FEDRS Ice Cool Frosty Grape No.8 Extra Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches

FEDRS Ice Cool Frosty Grape No.8 - a mix of sweet grapes and chilly menthol. These extra strong nicotine pouches promise a long-lasting and intense nicotine experience and are not for beginners.

  • Flavour:Mint & grape
  • Format:Slim
  • Nicotine: 50 mg/g (25 mg/pouch)
  • Pouches: 20 pcs
  • Net weight: 10 g
  • Brand:FEDRS
  • Manufacturer:FEDRS SP. Z O.O.

FEDRS is a European manufacturer of tobacco-free Snus that providesquality certified products with unique flavors and extra strong nicotine strength. FEDRS nicotine pouches have rapidly gained popularity and are today being sold in plenty of countries worldwide.


Flavour Fruit
Format Slim
Nicotine mg/g 30
Type Nicotine pouch