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Terms of service

Updated 2024-03-19

Offers on the website are exclusively directed to business customers making purchases for purposes related to their commercial or professional activities. To make a purchase, you must be 18 years old and represent a company.



Product orders can be made online or by a representative of the Company. For an order to be binding, it must be confirmed in writing before delivery is completed. This means that if a product is no longer available in the assortment or for any other reason cannot be provided, with due consideration to reasonable efforts, there is no obligation to provide such a product.

1.1 When placing an order on a corporate account, the registered company is, in all respects, considered the contractually bound legal party.

1.2 We reserve the right to not accept an order or to cancel all or parts of the order before dispatch. Prepaid orders will be refunded to the sender's bank account.

1.3 We are only obligated to deliver products that are available in our inventory, including goods that are expected to arrive based on orders from our suppliers. We also reserve the right for possible sell-out of the products until they have left our inventory. If a product is not available in stock, we will contact you and refund any paid amount without undue delay. Furthermore, we do not undertake to procure ordered products from any other source (procurement risk). This applies to orders for generic goods (meaning goods where only the current type and characteristics are specified).

Delivery and Shipping

2.1 Ownership of the products transfers to the customer upon full payment.

2.2 The delivery day is the day the product arrives at the customer's location according to the shipment tracking number or electronic confirmation by the carrier.

2.3 Nordicpouch arranges the transport based on the choice of the customer. The risk of the product transfers to the customer upon pickup of the product at our warehouse, according to EXW (Ex Works Incoterms 2020). The customer is responsible for any costs and risks arising of custom and transport.

2.4 The shipping cost is displayed in the shopping cart and is based on the delivery address provided by the customer.

2.5 The estimated delivery time in the shopping cart is an approximation and may differ from the actual delivery time. No compensation is provided for any deviations.

2.6 In cases where the customer chooses not to pick up the ordered shipment, the customer will be charged the cost of the corresponding shipping (outbound and return).

2.7 If your product/shipment is damaged in transit, please report the incident to customer service within two (2) business days of receipt and seven (7) business days for concealed damages. You can find the current contact information for our customer service on our website. Failure to report shipping damage or concealed defects within the specified timeframe results in the cost of the product not being reimbursed.

2.8 When shopping with us as a business, you do not have a right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies only to transactions between private individuals and traders.

Discount Offers

3.1 Discount offers are promotions that cannot be purchased but are part of our marketing and are only valid for a limited time.

3.2 Discount offers can only be used once per order and only within the validity period of the respective discount offer. Some brands or products may be excluded from the offer, meaning the discount offer cannot be used for the purchase of these brands or products. Discount offers cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Please note that your order may need to meet a minimum order value to use certain discount offers.

3.3 The total order value of the products must correspond to or exceed the value of the discount offer. If the total order value exceeds the value of the discount offer, you can make payment for the exceeding amount through any of the offered payment options. It is not possible to redeem discount offers for cash, and no interest accrues on the discount offers. The value of a discount offer will not be refunded if you exercise your right of withdrawal regarding all or part of your order, but we will refund the amount you may have paid for the returned products. The refund will only apply to the amount you paid for the product after the discount offer has been redeemed.



4.1 We offer advance payment and payment by invoice. The payment deadline is specified in the shopping cart. The represented company is responsible for any costs associated with account transactions.

4.2 In the case of purchase on invoice, the payment deadline is specified on the invoice and counts from the day we sent the invoice. We reserve the right to charge reminder fees within the statutory framework per reminder for delayed or missing payment. You have the right to provide evidence showing that the cost of actual damage for late payment is lower than the reminder fee or that no damage has occurred at all.

4.3 By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you are considered to have consented to the fact that any invoices and credit invoices are exclusively sent in electronic form to the company you represent.

4.4 In the case an order is cancelled by the Company or by the customer after the payment has been received by the Company, any transaction cost that may be applied for the return of the payment, will be added to the customer.

4.5 In the event that a customer has ordered labelservice and application has been started, a cancellation of the order will not be possible for a full refund. The already labelled goods will be charged to the customer and shipped out, and the not labelled goods worth may be refunded. Any transaction fees according to 4.4 will be put on the customer.


5.1 The prices displayed at the time of your order (in the shopping cart) apply to your purchase. Prices are in Euro (EUR) and excludes value-added tax (VAT) and excise tax.

5.2 We reserve the right for closeout sales, typographical errors, and price adjustments. In these cases, we reserve the right to correct them.

5.3 We reserve the right to adjust the stated prices at any time before the delivery date, provided that the customer is notified. The customer then has the right to cancel the purchase in writing.

5.4 We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.


Limitation of Liability

We are obligated, under the conditions below and if the circumstances allows it, to remedy defects in the product consisting of it not meeting the agreed specification.

6.1 Our liability does not cover defects that are insignificant for the intended use of the product and do not cause inconvenience to the customer.

6.2 Our liability does not cover:

a) defects caused by the customer's use of the products with different equipment or other accessories affecting its function;

b) defects caused by alterations or interventions in the products made by the customer that do not comply with the provided instructions;

c) defects caused by the customer's use of the products in a manner other than indicated in the user documentation or through negligence of the customer, their staff, or a third party, or due to other circumstances beyond our control;

d) Products with 90 days and more left before expiration are viewed as fresh products.

6.3 If liability or compensation liability arises for us under these general terms and conditions, unless intent or gross negligence exists, the liability shall be limited to a total amount equivalent to the purchase price of the product or products on which the liability is based.

6.4 The liability only covers direct losses. Therefore, our liability does not include indirect losses, such as loss of business or the customer's loss of data, and neither damages that we could not reasonably have anticipated at the conclusion of the contract, and the consequences of which we could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

6.5 We cannot be held responsible for the loss of stored information or software. It is the customer's responsibility to take necessary backups of all data before the installation of new hardware, software, or other equipment.

6.6 If we are prevented from delivering or making a new delivery, or if such a delivery obligation becomes unreasonably burdensome due to labor disputes or other circumstances beyond the parties' control, such as fire, war, mobilization, or unexpected military call-ups of corresponding proportions, requisitions, seizures, currency restrictions, riots and civil commotion, transport obstacles, shortage of goods, fuel shortage, and delays in deliveries from subcontractors or producers as a result of similar circumstances as mentioned in this section, we are exempt from all liability except for complaints and crediting of missing products.


Changes to Sales Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to the current sales terms and conditions without further communication.